About Stoneway Supply
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About Stoneway Supply

Stoneway Supply is committed to providing our clients the quality products they need at an affordable price while delivering great service.

Our Clients

We work with a variety of professionals in the stone industry. Professionals in the following fields trust and rely on Stoneway Supply for the products they need to complete their stone projects.

  • Stone Installers
  • Counter Top Fabricators
  • Counter Top Installers
  • Concrete Preparation Contractors
  • Polishing Contractors
  • Stone Restoration Contractors
  • Hardscape Contractors
  • Pool Companies
  • Building Restoration Professionals

Our Reliable Suppliers

A stone equipment provider can produce great results for the professionals it serves by carefully selecting the best products and delivering the best customer service. Part of serving our customers is knowing which brands and products they need and want. Our friendly, knowledgable specialists and staff can assist you in finding the right tools to complete your task.

Another key factor is being able to provide solutions at a satisfactory price. Stoneway Supply selects a variety of tools to give our customers a range of options as far as tools are concerned. We have found and offer products from the following suppliers:

Our Products

We supply stone professionals with products for a variety of processes of the stone and tile industries. If you are a professional installer or fabricator and are looking for any of the following tools we can help:

We Want to Help

If you have not given Stoneway Supply a try, why not get a hold of us a find out more about our products and services. Let us know what you are looking for and we will get in touch.

Stoneway Supply

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